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Bernie Sanders Tries To Sing ‘In Da Club’ by 50 Cent



Bernie Sanders may be considered by most to be a fairly mild mannered and well spoken gentleman. However, what we’ve just discovered leads us to question that:

In this video, Bernie Sanders makes all kinds of slurs and says offensive words. We were rather shocked by it, to put it mildly. However, it turns out that none of it is real. Rather, this was generated by artificial intelligence, and none of the words spoken here were actually uttered by the real Bernie Sanders.

According to the video creator, Coding Elite, this was done by implementing a couple of papers related to speech synthesis. Given just a few hours of training data, the model will learn how to synthesise speech in the style of a certain speaker.

We recommend you take a listen for a while. But be warned – what you hear may be quite different to what you are used to hearing from Bernie Sanders.

Charles has a degree in Mass Communication and a PGD in Digital Communication. He worked as a newspaper/magazine reporter and editor for many years. Now, he writes daily news articles for private clients. Charles has written for US/UK/Canadian/Indian clients on various niches.

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