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Advocate Creates YouTube Makeup Tutorial for Muslim Beauty Brands (VIDEO)

Makeup video tutorial of Muslim Beauty Brands for Muslim women by YouTuber Jackie Aina



Jackie Aina Makeup video tutorial for Muslim women
Makeup video tutorial for Muslim women - Jackie Aina. Photo Credit: YouTube

Muslim women do not usually wear makeup. So beauty companies hardly target Muslim women or countries. But that is fast changing with Halal products. Muslim beauty bloggers are changing the status quo by influencing how Muslim women could experiment with makeup.

Jackie Aina, a non-Muslim beauty entrepreneur, created a fascinating YouTube makeup tutorial for Muslim women.

Aina’s video tutorial is titled the “Full Face of Muslim Owned/Halal Beauty Products.”

Beauty and Makeup Tutorials for Muslim Women Are Rare

The beauty aficionado who partnered with Too Faced to promote their Born This Way Collection of foundation shades, was inspired to Chloe Morello to create the video tutorial.

Morello, a famous beauty YouTuber, had earlier produced a video to mark the end of the recently concluded Ramadan Muslim fast.

In her tutorial, Aina first makes it clear that she is not a Muslim. She goes on to reveal that there are not many beauty tutorials out there made for Muslim women. But then there are a handful of Muslim-owned beauty brands such as Halal.

The YouTuber made it clear that many beauty influencers have inspired her in her own knowledge for makeup excellence – and she reels out their names.

Muslim Women Now Embrace Beauty Products

There are close to two billion Muslims in the world. Halal and other makeup companies are beginning to target these with suitable products. But more importantly, seeing the beauty interests of Muslim women represented is a joy and fulfillment in itself to many women.

Women are very diverse in their cultures and beauty perspectives, and they are all aware of how makeup products could enhance their natural beauty.

Jackie Aina’s beauty video tutorial possesses the makeup inclusivity that Muslim women need in today’s world.

“As a hijabi, I get really giddy when I see non-hijabi influencers make videos like this,” a Reddit user wrote. “It’s the smallest thing – do your makeup and pretend stick a hijab on after. It just feels welcoming. I just enjoy the acknowledgement.”

Muslim women today are beginning to take their beauty serious in a discreet sort of way. They dare to use makeup now while showcasing their cultural and religious orientations.

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17-Year-Old Teen Reveals How She Used Cheap Products to Cure Acne (VIDEO)

Seventeen-year-old Karina Banuelos reveals how she experimented with cheap products to cure her acne.



17-Year-Old Teen Reveals How She Used Cheap Products to Treat Severe Acne
Before and after photos of Karina Banuelos acne treatment (Photo credit: Karina Banuelos)

Acne is an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin. It is characterized by papules, pustules or comedones. It is a disease of the skin that could be very difficult to treat – and often affecting female teens and young women.

A 17-year-old teen, Karina Banuelos, from Palmdale, California, however reveals how she was able to overcome severe acne with an experimental combination of cheap products.

Karina shared viral before-and-after photos of her face and posted a video demonstration of how she cleared her spots on her YouTube channel. (Watch this video below.)

Karina Visited Several Dermatologists to Find Solution to Her Acne without Results

According to her, her acne was all over her eyebrows, under her nose and around her lips; even turning up in her hairline. Her parents spent a lot of money seeing several dermatologists without any results. Karina tried recommended face washes, creams, and expensive prescription medications. But nothing worked to ease her worsening acne.

Her mother, Ally Banuelos, became nearly distraught.

“When you see her going through that, people making fun of her, you try to find a solution,” Ally, Karina’s mother, said. “I would take her everywhere, just to try to find something for her.”

The high school senior then decided to take her fate in her hands. She researched online and ultimately resolved to experiment with cheap products bought from Target. With each product costing less than $10, Karina bought four products which she largely used to create her own skincare routine.

Within three months, Karina’s acne is gone and her face completely restored. She is now the proud owner of a beautiful skin.

Karina Experimented With a Skincare Regimen That Cured Her Acne for Good

Karina revealed how she created her skincare regimen to Good Morning America on ABC News:

  • She begins by first using cotton wool and Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel to cleanse her face.
  • She then goes on to use a facial brush together with Dr. Bronner’s cleanser to wash her face. She stated there are days she alternatively goes for Dove soap to wash her face.
  • Following this, she re-applies Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel the second time. She then adds Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer on her face.
  • Lastly, she plucks some fresh leaves of aloe vera and directly applies its gummy gel on her face.

Having understood that junk food and dairy products exacerbate acne, Karina said she limits their consumption in addition to her topical skincare regimen. Instead, she takes more water to help her skin from the inside-out.

Karina has now been enjoying an acne-free skin for six months.

“You don’t have to go through, you know, hundreds of dollars of going to the dermatologist when you can find something at Target for $40,” her mother Ally disclosed.

Dr. Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist, explained that acne is caused by a combination of factors. These include –

  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Hormones
  • Genetics

Bowe warned that a skincare treatment that cured acne for one individual may not help another person. The dermatologist advises that it is best to consider using cleansers, moisturizers and retinoids to your skincare routine if you suffer from acne.

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Kourtney Kardashian Fights for Safer Beauty Products on Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

Kourtney Kardashian visited Capitol Hill in Washington for a campaign to empower the FDA to regulate the cosmetics industry.



Kourtney Kardashian Fights for Safer Beauty Products on Capitol Hill
Kourtney Kardashian Fights for Safer Beauty Products on Capitol Hill

Keeping It Up With The Kardashians star, Kourney Kardashian, was on Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. recently, The Cut reports. Kourtney came to Capitol Hill with Ken Cook, president of Environmental Working Group (EWG), a consumer protection and advocacy organization. They were both there to discuss the Personal Care Products Safety Act.

Kourtney and Cook had come to advocate stricter makeup laws for the cosmetic and beauty industry. Kourtney disclosed she approached the EWG to discuss the need for the government to regulate the beauty industry before coming over with Cook. The Personal Care Products Safety Act bill was sponsored by Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Susan Collins.

It Would Be Nice If There Were Laws to Regulate Manufacture of Beauty Products

The bill seeks to empower the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate the cosmetic industry. Unknown to many in the United States, the FDA lacks the authority to oversee the production and marketing of cosmetic products.

To underscore the current powerlessness of the FDA to oversee the beauty industry, they are not empowered to check the ingredients of beauty products manufactured by companies before they are sold in the market. The FDA does not also have the authority to recall faulty or harmful cosmetic products from the market.

By the way, Kourtney is aware of the fact that Congress has not passed any laws regarding cosmetics in more than 80 years.

“It would be nice if there were laws to regulate so that the people running these businesses can have some standards of what to use,” Kourtney explained. “Everybody should have the right to healthy products in personal care.”

Cosmetics Companies Support Kourtney Kardashian in Her Industry Reform Initiative

Kourtney and Cook as well as other cosmetics reform proponents believe the FDA should be empowered to regulate the industry as they do with food and drugs. To this extent, several cosmetics companies are also open to implementing total reforms in the beauty industry. They seem to be encouraged that someone of the Kardashian fame is taking the lead in the cosmetics-reform campaign.

Some of these companies include –

  • L’Oréal
  • Estée Lauder
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Unilever
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Revlon, etc.

“We applaud Kourtney Kardashian as she joined our fight on Capitol Hill today,” said Beauty Counter CEO Gregg Renfrew. “We need more people who are willing to lend their voices to the better beauty movement in order to get credible, meaningful reform across the finish line.”

Kourtney, who with sister Kylie Jenner was said to have a makeup collaboration said it is not okay for consumers to wander about beauty stores, unsure of what ingredients are contained in what products. Meanwhile, Kourtney is also said to want to launch her own beauty line very soon.

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Diseases & Disorders

Parents Cry Out After a Makeup Kit from Family Dollar Lands Daughter in Hospital

Applying this makeup to her eyes and lips made our worst nightmare come true.



Lydia Cravens makeup allergy photo in hospital
Lydia Cravens makeup allergy photo in hospital (Photo credit: Tony Kylie Cravens via Facebook)

A Georgetown, Illinois, couple is distraught after a makeup kit purchased from the local Family Dollar store left their daughter hospitalized. Tony and Kylie Cravens say the makeup kit made their daughter Lydia to develop terrible rashes on her face.

Within a few hours of applying the makeup, Lydia also developed swollen eyes with blisters on her mouth, prompting her parents to rush her to the hospital.

She was hospitalized at the Carle Hospital in Champaign, Popsugar reported.

“In 24 hours our little girl went from 100 percent healthy to her eyes swollen and blistered shut with a rash all over her body that we needed to apply cold packs to every 30 minutes or so because her skin was burning,” Lydia’s mother, Kylie, said. “She was unable to eat much for days because of the blistering and cracking of her lips.”

Couple Issues Cautionary Advise On Social Media to Warn Other Parents

The couple said they had been buying makeup kits from the Family Dollar store before. But this time, they bought a different brand of the same product. It turned out toxic with as many as six chemicals known to cause allergic reactions.

“We never imagined after spending the day applying it to her eyes and lips that our worst nightmare would come true,” Kylie volunteered.

Lydia has now been discharged from the hospital, but her parents want everyone to know what they had passed through after using the makeup product. So they issued a warning on their Facebook account with subsequent updates on how the little girl is performing.

Lydia Is Now Recovered and Parents Thank Everyone for Their Supports

The ultimate objective of their warning is to let parents exercise caution when using cosmetic for children. And how cheap skincare products could cause skin conditions and allergic reactions.

In subsequent Facebook updates, the couple states that Lydia is much more improved. She is “still struggling with the hives but she is feeling better and better everyday,” they wrote.

“Lydia is doing great; we have had big improvements in the last 24 hours,” they added. “Still has some itching but the burning is gone. Hives are still on her face and neck but those too are starting to fade. SHE IS SMILING AGAIN.”

The couple posted new photos of Lydia to show the progress of her recovery. They also appreciated friends and family and everyone who had shown concern since their ordeal with the toxic makeup kit.

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